How to Change the Name of Your Device in Google Play Store?

The Google Play store must be the popular application as it allows every user to download various apps and games on their device. However, have you ever noticed that whenever you visit the Play Store, it shows your device with a very technical name? You may not even understand why the particular name is given to your device and you may want to change the name of your device to a name with some human touch. It is possible to modify the name of your device and keep a new name of your choice when you visit the Google Play Store for future purchase and downloading of any app. Sometimes, there are many devices on which the Google play store is installed, and you may need to choose the one you are using to download an app. If you are not aware of the technical names of all your devices, then it may pose a problem for you to choose the correct device.  The process of changing the name is very easy, and anyone can follow the straightforward instructions and change the name. So just follow the basic instructions given below, and you will see how easy it is to rename your device and how it helps in identifying a particular device, the next time you visit the Google play store.


How to Change the Name of Your Device in Google Play Store?

  • Go to the Google Play store and click on the ‘Settings’ option. Once you click on that option, a screen will flash on your device where you will be able to see a list of all the previous devices as well as the technical name of your current device.
  • Once you can locate your current device, click the ‘Edit’ to start the renaming process.
  • There will be an empty box on the screen of your device, and you should type the chosen name in this box. Make sure that you are not making any typos in the selected name of your device.
  • Once you have typed the correct chosen name, click on ‘Update’.
  • Afterwards, whenever you visit the Google Play Store, you will see the assigned name of your device in this list.
  • This is such a simple process that you can always change then name pf the device if you purchase a new one or change the device for any other reason. This is a simple process to ensure that your device is easily identifiable.

Changing the name of your phone or tablet is super easy, and there is no limit to the number of times you can change the name of your device. There are some benefits of changing the name of the device in the Google Play store.

What are the advantages of changing the name of the device in Google Play Store?

  • It is possible for you to identify the devices which you have been using to purchase and download the apps from the play store.
  • It is also useful to keep track of the usage and downloading of apps through various devices.

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