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Hello Freaks, how are you all doing? Today we have come up with a solution to one of the most frequently asked questions in our blog about how to edit and convert PDF files. PDF files are used widely and useful to every person whether you are an office person or a student. If you are searching any tutorial or information on the internet then there’s a huge change that you will see PDF files in search results. You can easily study those PDF files but the problem occurs when you wish to edit the PDF file. It is true that most of the time you need to modify your PDF files according to your need but editing a PDF file is a huge pain. The reason is most of the online software gives you the ability to read a PDF file but not to edit them.

So, the issue remains on how to edit a PDF file or convert the PDF file to your desirable format. The easiest solution is to get a PDF editor and for your conversion purpose you will need a PDF converter. But there are millions of software around the internet and most of them won’t even satisfy your needs. That’s where PDF Studio comes into play.

What is PDF Studio?

PDF studio is a software which helps you to edit, modify, review and convert your PDF files. All possible with just one software. You don’t need to download different software for each purpose. Whatever issue you are having with your PDF files can be solved using PDF Studio.

I will list down all the main features of PDF Studio so that you can understand this software better.

Top Features of PDF Studio:

  1. Easy to modify, review and edit your PDF files: With PDF Studio it is possible to edit your PDF files without any problem. You just need to select the PDF file you wish to edit and open that file with PDF Studio, you will get the edit option. Easy as that.
  2. Create PDF files from scanned documents, images, MS word and text: That is correct. It doesn’t matter in which format you have your files, PDF Studio can convert your files to PDF format with just a click of a button.
  3. Split, Merge and Rearrange your PDF files: This feature is a real life savior. Most of the time, we like some part of text from one PDF file and some part from others. It is a pain to extract texts from one PDF file to another and many cases it will be a frustrating task. But with PDF Studio, you can cut any part of a PDF file and paste in another one and create a totally unique PDF file of your own. Very handy feature for students and office persons who deals with PDF files all the time.
  4. Annotate your PDF document with Comments & Text Markups: This is a must have feature for every person who reads PDF file in a daily basis. You can highlight your texts and make special notes if required. Makes the PDF files very user friendly and gives you the best experience to read a PDF document.comments_pane
  5. Fill in Forms: If you are downloading any kind of form from internet, most of the time you will have to print them out, fill them with your hand and the rescan it to make it work. It’s a very time consuming task. But with PDF Studio, you can have the fill in option in forms. You can simply edit the whole form using this software which will save you so much time and make your work easy and convenient.fill_and_save_forms
  6. Password Protect your PDF documents: Security is must if you are handling any important document. The best way is to password protect it so that no one can take a sneak peek in your document. PDF Studio gives you the option to password protect your file as well.
  7. Convert PDF to other format and vice versa: PDF studio is one of the best PDF converter. Doesn’t matter if you are converting a text or MS word or image files to PDF or the other way around. This software gives you the option to convert your files to your desirable format. You can create PDF files from pretty much any readable format files.

And much much more. I can’t explain everything so I will recommend everyone to head over to their official website and read every feature and know the software yourself. I am sure you won’t regret.

I hope you guys enjoyed.

Stay tuned for more!

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