5 Ways Computer Fixperts tested, reviewed and compared the top leading PC antivirus software programs on the market in 2017

Hello Geeks, how are you doing? Today we are going to discuss about all the Antiviruses available on the internet, their prices and compatibility and which one you should use. Surely, there are thousands of Antivirus present on the internet and it is really very hard to choose one. It is crucial to choose the perfect antivirus because once you install an Antivirus on your computer, it will remain forever. So basically, you will be going to make a choice of your life.

But the confusion starts when you don’t have enough knowledge about antiviruses and you are not aware which one is best among them. And that is why we are writing this article to remove that confusion forever and you should be able to select which antivirus is best for you. We will be listing down the best Antivirus of 2017 and this list is made after reviewing all of them so that we can compare them fairly. We will be reviewing few software briefly, but if you are looking for detailed reviews then we will recommend you guys to check the official Fixpert website to know about them more. They did very well reviews on every Antivirus software and here is Top Windows Antivirus Compared & Reviewed by Fixperts.

Number #1: AVG Antivirus

This is one of those Antivirus program that everyone must have used once in their life and it is one of the best antivirus available on the internet. The sole reason why it is one of the top antivirus is because it gives real protection and it actually quarantines viruses from a computer. It does offers internet protection and makes sure that you do not download any virus or untrusted apps on your computer. Moreover, it also offers data protection, privacy protect and one of the most crucial feature is it also offers payment protection, so you can rest assure that your payment details will never be leaked again.

The price of this product is fairly low and has been always under $60 depending on which offer is running on that moment. In occasions it even get lower. It offers 24X7 support and live chats to help you with any issue which most of the providers lacks.

Number #2: Kaspersky Antivirus

If you are tight on budget and yet want to enjoy a full working and effective antivirus software then Kaspersky will be your best choice. It does protect your computer from virus and malware attacks, automatically detects adware and uninstalls them, makes sure that your computer installs no third party program and can identify every single Trojan attacks. In addition, it has parental control feature and let you decide what your children can surf or not. You can limit the usage of particular programs too which is great to make sure that your kids are not over using the computer.

The price depends on which plan you taking but it is totally worthful if you are looking for basic plan.

Number #3: Avast Antivirus

Avast is yet another well-known software company that is protecting computers since 1988. It is very liter in size than other antivirus programs and it is the #1 choice if you are looking for safe internet browsing. It automatically detects the fake phishing websites that takes and saves your banking information. It also provides automatic spam filters and has an incredible firewall that protects from every virus attacks. If you are looking for a reliable antivirus then Avast should be an easy pick.

And that’s all from us. Again if you want to learn about more antiviruses such as Norton, Eset, etc. then we will recommend to head over to fixpert website and check all the reviews in details.

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