How to Transfer Contents from one iPhone to another?

Are you tired of using your same old iPhone time and again? Then you must aspire to explore things in depth with a new iPhone with advanced features and amazing upgrades. But the problem revolves around the fact as to how to transfer all your data or media files from your previous device to the new one. Though it’s not that difficult, but you need to know certain techniques to pull it off securely.

This article would demonstrate few of those tricks and trades to help you transfer your contents from one iPhone to another with complete ease.

The methods are elaborated below in simple steps and guidelines as follows.

Method #1: Transfer Data using iCloud

Implementing iCloud is the easiest way to transfer all your data from one iPhone to another wirelessly. Though the transfer depends upon your last back-up, you would need to make a new back-up before transferring your data from your old iPhone to the new one to keep things as much up-to-date as possible.

The instructions to use iCloud are given as follows:

Step 1.Take your old iPhone and connect it to your Wi-fi. Make sure that your Wi-fi network is strong enough to permit the transfer.

Step 2.Now; launch “Settings” from the home screen.

Step 3.Tap on “iCloud” and then “Back up”.

Step 4.Tap on “Back up now” tab to initiate the back up process.


Step 5.Turn-off your old iPhone and remove the SIM card from it.

Step 6.Re-insert the SIM card to your new iPhone and slide to set up.

Step 7.Select your Wi-fi network and default language.

Step 8.Choose “Restore from iCloud backup” option.

Step 9.After you have done all the steps, sign-in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID.


Step 10.Tap “Next” from the interface screen, and agree to all the terms and conditions and then tap on “Confirm”.

Step 11.Select your “recent backup” from the available list, and input your password if asked.

Method #2: Transfer Data using iTunes

So here is the deal, if you happen to make a backup of your old iPhone and restore it to the new one, it will bring most of the contents along with it and will save you the trouble of acquiring the contents afresh.

So this is how you have got to do it in steps:

Step 1.Before you begin the method, make sure that your iTunes is updated with the latest version.

Step 2.Connect your old iPhone to your Windows or Mac PC via USB cable.

Step 3.Launch your iTunes.

Step 4.When the icon of the iPhone appears on the menu bar, click on it.

Step 5.Click on “Back up now” option.

Step 6.Now; click on “Encrypt Backup” and click on “Password” option to add a password.


Step 7.Ignore and skip the “Backup Apps” if prompted, as they will automatically be re-downloaded anyway.

Step 8.Once you have completed all the mentioned steps, unplug your iPhone.

Step 9.Remove your SIM card after turning off your old iPhone.

Step 10.Insert your SIM card into the new iPhone.

Step 11.Turn on your new iPhone and connect again to your PC.

Step 12.Now; slide to set up on your new iPhone.

Step 13.Select your language, and Wi-fi network.

Step 14.Choose “Restore from iTunes backup”.


Step 15.Now; go to the iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC select “Restore from this backup”.

Step 16.Select your “Recent backup” from the list available.

Step 17.Input your password which you had encrypted your backup with previously. If you had not added a password, it would not ask you of it, so do not bother about it.

Keep your iPhone connected to your PC until the transfer is finished and keep the Wi-fi network on until all the necessary apps are downloaded again.

Method #3: Transfer App Data using iExplorer


Sometimes, utilizing a third-party utility saves you the trouble of going through the entire manual set up, thus here in this section we would highlight one such powerful tool, called iExplorer to transfer app data from one iPhone to another.

The method is cleared in the following instructions:

Step 1.Download the game/app you want to transfer and open iExplorer.

Step 2.Click on Device, and then “Apps” and then the “App” whose data you want to transfer.

Step 3.In the app’s directory; copy the “Document” folder’s contents into the desktop and paste the contents in the “Document” folder of the new iPhone when plugged into the PC.


Transferring contents from one iPhone to another iPhone requires some basic expertise, thus make sure you are adept enough to follow the method’s instructions properly. If you find any difficulty with the first two methods, the 3rd method would be the most convenient one for you.

The techniques have been protruded in such a way that even a beginner can understand the instructions easily. So if you want to gather any new relevant information, don’t forget to visit our website and subscribe to get daily updates.

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