The Top 3 Ways to Get Ahead in the New Call of Duty WWII Game

Hello Geeks, how are you all doing? Today, we will be discussing about the most famous game in the world i.e. Call of Duty WWII and how to get ahead in that game in no time. The latest version of Call of Duty WWII game release this November, 2017 and the gamers couldn’t be more happier. The new graphics and the latest user interface has been really hitting the hearts of the gamers and they are digging deep and dep every day to beat the game to its fullest level.

The creators of the game even introduced a new War mode that requires your close friends to help you out throughout the missions. But what’s really blew the mind of the gamers is the newest multiplayer gameplay which has been a blast with the latest version. Certainly, you want to get ahead of your friends in this game since the time you have bought it and hopefully, this article will give you some awesome tips to quickly advance in this game.

Tip #1: Keep Your Friends and Teammates closer to you

The latest Call of Duty WWII requires you to combat with your friends and teammates. You will have to depend and rely on them in order to successfully win the game. You can easily replenish your health, ammo, grenades and other miscellaneous stuffs by simply asking them from your friends. Do not move away from your squad or you will surely taste a horrible death. One head shot and you are totally done. So, it is important that you all work together as a team with the new Single player game.

Tip #2: Modifying Playing Strategy in War Mode

There’s tons of variations introduced in the latest War mode and you cannot stick to one single gaming strategy. With tiny maps like Caratan, you will be required to carry short range guns and weapons while for larger maps you will have to take your long range weapons. War Modes are changing drastically and sure you will need to change your weapons and playing strategies according to the requirements. Depending whether you are attacking or defending a building, your objective should be set and you must save the best weapons for the War Mode.

Tip #3: Max Your XP First

You will get daily 2 challenges that will help you get a 25% XP boost. One for the weapon XP and the other one is for soldier’s XP. So, always use them before proceeding with the gameplay to get maximum boost. The challenges rotate so you can easily get six dailies within 24 hours and three weeklies in 7 days. Each time you finish a task, you will get some XP boost, so the sole target is to maximize your XP first. Additionally, completing any weapon collection will give you special cosmetic weapon variation that will add more XP to your gaming profile.

If you are still struggling with advancing in the game, then the best thing will be to apply call of duty hacks. You can easily activate the aim bots, wall hacks and any other necessary cheat hacks that are required to advance in the game. IWantCheats provides all the required cheats and hacks that are necessary to get ahead in the game and surely, you will enjoy the game more than ever.

Hopefully you guys found this guide useful and don’t forget to share it with your fellow gamers.

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