Top 10 iPhone 7 Tricks and Hidden Features

Even if you have been an old user of iPhones and experienced most of its features, there are still many hidden features up your sleeves that you are yet to know. iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus are also equipped with loads of tricks hidden from the general manual of the device. So if you think of yourself as an iPhone connoisseur, you would end up finding at least two or three tricks still lurking within.

So basically in this article we would shed a spotlight on top 10 such hidden features of iPhone 7 to help you enjoy your iPhone on a whole new level.

#1. Set up Restrictions to make iPhone Kid-Friendly


If you are giving your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to a kid, you better put some restrictions to avoid any misuse by the kid. iPhone 7 provides you with this feature as well.

Go straight away to the “Settings” of iPhone 7 and in the PIN-protected menu, you can enable and set restrictions for the user.

Few of those restrictions are enlisted here:

  • You can disable the key apps, like AirDrop, Siri, CarPlay.
  • You can restrict the deletion and installation of certain apps.
  • You can prevent Apps purchase from the Apps store.
  • You can restrict movies above a certain rating from being downloaded.
  • Specific websites can also be restricted from being opened.

#2.Turn iPhone camera into a virtual magnifying glass

This is an accessibility feature introduced called Magnifier. It helps you to zoom in on any text or at any distant location or object. In order to enable it, follow the rules given below.

Step 1.Go to “Settings” and then tap on “General”.

Step 2.Tap on “Accessibility” option and then “Magnifier”.

Once it has been enabled you can activate the Magnifier by tapping the home button thrice.

Users may wonder, why can’t we simply use the      default camera app to zoom? Well, the answer is quite simple. The zooming option is way too powerful than the Magnifier, and as far as Magnifying is concerned it need not be that powerful.


#3.Get updated with Today View


If you happen to swipe right from the lock screen or your home screen, it will bring up the Today’s View.

Here you can get a quick glimpse of all the recent events, like a newsfeed, most of your important info, and history of your recently used apps. Moreover, you can incorporate a new “widget” and can customize it removing the old one. Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Edit”. If you tap on the minus icon, it will remove the existing widget. You can add new widgets by tapping the plus icon.

#4.Touch ID fingerprint iTunes, Apple Pay, Apple Store Purchases

Touch ID fingerprint is one of the hidden feature which allows you to get many of your tasks done with a mere fingerprint. It is in-built into the iPhone 7’s home button and is actually very handy to let you access you system. Besides, keeping theft and all other mischievous activities at bay, it provides the platform to verify your App Stores purchases, Apple pay, and many more stuffs.

#5.Simultaneous use of Mobile data and Wi-fi


If you are finding your Wi-fi network a bit slower during surfing websites, and giving you timeout messages, then enabling your mobile data simultaneously would increase the speed. This can be done by activating a feature called “WiFi Assist”. Wifi Assist can be activated in the following ways:

Step 1.Go to iPhone 7’s “settings” and select “Mobile Data”.

Step 2.Navigate down the options and you would find “Wifi Assist”. Tap on the option to switch it on.

#6.Turn your iPhone 7 into a personal Wifi HotSpot

This feature would allow you to turn your own iPhone 7 into a Wifi hotspot and users can connect to your iDevice from the Wi-fi network you set up. The feature can be enabled as follows:

Step 1.Go to iPhone 7’s “Settings” and then go to “Personal hotspot”.

Step 2.Tap the switch to turn the feature on.

Step 3.You can also add a password to your private network so that every time an user tries to connect to your hotspot network would need to enter the password to get the access.

#7.Connect Apple Watch to your iPhone 7

If you have enough bucks to support an Apple watch, then, you would be glad to know that iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus allows you to connect your Apple watch to the iPhone. You can also customize the watch from your iPhone 7, personalize your watch face and other handy hints.

#8.Quickly access your camera from lock screen

If you wish to take a snap from your camera instantly, iPhone 7 enables you to do the task by directly opening the camera without needing to unlock the mobile first. Simply swipe to the right from the lock screen and your camera app will be opened.

#9.Change screen timeout length


It’s quite frustrating when your screen goes to hibernation every time you are in the middle of something important. iPhone 7 allows you to increase the timeout length. Go to “Display and brightness menu” > “Auto-lock” and boost the time up to 5 minutes or more, and the problem won’t occur again.

#10.Use Siri to retrieve photos

This one is a personal favorite of most of the users. iPhone 7 helps you to search for any images based on their location, date, time. You can also use Siri to retrieve photos from yesterday, last week or even last month. You can also specify Siri, like “Show me the photos from Boston” to bring a particular set of photos, which is quite handy to manage your loads of photos.


So long as your iPhone operating system is iOS 10, all these features would be adaptable to your iDevices, be it iPhone 7 or 5 or earlier versions. But here in this article we emphasized the hidden features of iPhone 7 only.

Any user with the least of knowledge can easily unravel these secrets; all that you need to do is follow the instructions step by step to ensure proper results.

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