5 Best Amazon Prime Kid Movies (Updated April 2019)

Hello folks, hope you are all doing well and you will be doing better for sure with something to crack you up at your leisure time.

Yes we are talking about movies, wait—— The Kid Movies. Getting the nostalgia?

I too get it, the gist of excitement when a cartoon character bumps on the road, the Goosebumps when a freaky ghost appears out of the blue and so many jaw dropping moments.

The Sunday morning or Friday evenings were awesome, when I used to sit with my family watching those movies which appealed equally to my parents and of course deeply to me.

Nowadays, in the wake of commercial movies, you cannot particularly choose the ones that you and your family both can enjoy together.

However, if you know what to search for prior to searching in those sites, with movie details already in your hand, the selection will become much easier. Isn’t it?

The article hereafter is all set to give you the best 5 Amazon Prime Kid Movies’ details, all sorted with ratings, plot or story description, etc.

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The Best 5 Amazon Prime Kid Movies short list

#1: Space Jam

Year: 1996

The film showcases the pairing of famous basketball player Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes Cartoon Characters with Bill Murray in supporting role.

Far in an intergalactic amusement park, known as Moron Mountain, the owner Mr. Swackhammer sends his minions named Nerdlucks to kidnap Looney Tunes characters on earth for new attraction of his park, characters that live in a different animated realm. Bugs bunny challenges them to play basketball to determine their fate.

The aliens agreed, but shrewdly steals the basketball skills of professional players like Charles BarkleyShawn BradleyPatrick EwingLarry Johnson and Muggsy Bogues.

So Bugs has to go all his way to the real human world to ask superstar basketball player Michael Jordan to help them with the chance of winning and achieving freedom at the same time.

#2: Zathura: A Space Time Adventure

Year: 2005

The story is all about two boys Walter (Josh Hutcherson) and Danny (Jonah Bobo) who are left in the care of their elder sister Lisa (Kristen Stewart) after their father (Tim Robbins) is called for some work.

While being bored all by themselves in their house, the two boys discover the mystical powers of a space themed board game, called Zathura.

Accidentally the game takes them to an outer space experience where they find their house hovering in space with no home returning possibility.

But they did come back home after a lot of challenges with the help of an astronaut (Dax Sheperd).

#3: Tangled

Year: 2010

Princess Rapunzal receives the healing power by a magical flower when her mother gave birth to her drinking the flower’s potion.

Due to her magical power with long hair, she was kidnapped while she was a baby by mother Gothel.

Mother Gothel knows about the power she and her long golden hair possesses, so she locks her inside a hidden tower in the empire wood’s province in order to stay young.

The young Rapunzal is now young, and very much curious about the outer world, so she flees away with a bandit name Flynn Ryder striking a deal that if Flynn takes her to the location where the floating lights come from that she sees every year on her birthday, she would hand him over the king’s crown that Ryder has stolen.

In her pursuit to find out the floating lights, she encounters various challenges in her path, which led her all the way to the discovery of her true identity as the princess.

#4: Baby’s Day Out

Year: 1994

Baby Bink is born to a very rich family and lives in a huge mansion and is soon about to appear on the social media pages. But unfortunately he is abducted by three enterprising kidnappers who pretend to be photographers to plot the kidnapping.

To the worst of the expectation, Baby bink turns out to be a real lucky baby, who gives the three kidnappers a real hard time.

Everytime they try to catch hold of the baby, he flees away leaving the three kidnappers in total bewilderment followed with many troubles in their way.

Ultimately, the little rascal not only finds his way back to his parents who are recklessly out in his search, but also gets the three bumbling criminals arrested.

#5: Maleficent

Year: 2014

A Pure-hearted, beautiful fairy Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) lives an ideal life of wonder, peace and love in the forest kingdom.

The peace is sustained until one day she has to rise in confrontation against an invading army which tries to destroy the harmony and peace of her land, but at the same time she suffers a shocking betrayal by Stefan who she has befriended in her younger days and fell in love with.

The empire king gets his only daughter married to Stefan in helping them destroy Maleficent’s life and the only land she inhabits, Moors.

The heart broken Maleficent turns to a fiery fairy who out of vengeance curses Stefan’s daughter, the infant princess Aurora.

But as the princess starts to grow, Maleficent realizes with every passing moment she spends with the princess hiding her true identity that Aurora is the key to Maleficent’s true happiness and also the way to bring harmony and peace to the kingdom.

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