Easily Create Visual Content With DesignCap

If you are not a designer and need to create some visual content to attract more visitors to your website or blog, but you don’t how to deal with famous design programs such as PhotoShop or illustrator, then you can come to DesignCap. I’ll talk about this online tool in this article.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is a handy online graphic designer that helps users make striking visual content designs in minutes, with no advanced graphic skills needed.

3 Steps to create visual content with DesignCap

With only three steps, you can make your own visual content in DesignCap. It’s simple. Let’s see how to use it to make a quick and wonderful graphic design.

1) Choose the right template

DesignCap has a large collection of professionally made templates for a wide variety of content. You can find in this app many template categories and subcategories for various themes or topics like posters, YouTube banner, Facebook cover, Twitter header, infographic, flyer, card, etc.

Keep in mind that you can be inspired by those wonderful templates if you don’t have any idea for your design. If you already have an idea, you can just start your design with a blank canvas. It’s brilliant to start the design from the right template and make some changes to make it your own.

2) Enhance your design with the powerful editing tools

To start making your design personalized, let’s go to the Graphics tab. Here DesignCap allows us to add shapes like lines, dots, and other different shapes into the design and adjust its color, size and so on. In addition, it offers millions of icons online. Type your keyword into the search bar and you can find many related icons online in this tool. Pick it if you love it.

Then, let see its Photo option. This is different from Graphic one. DesignCap gives you the option to add a photo within its app like Graphic feature. Also, you need to do is input your keyword into the search bar. For the Photo option, you can also upload your own images with DesignCap’s Upload option. Once you add a photo into the design, apply a filter effect from the serious preset ones in DesignCap to the selected photo. It also offers advanced options to help you play with other settings like brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, etc.

The third option should be the most import one, Text. Words will say what you want to tell your readers. Add some simple words to express yourself in design. DesignCap allows you to change fonts, color, size, style, and other properties of the text. With this opacity feature, you can also add text watermark to protect your design from other use.

The last option is its brilliant background. DesignCap is built in a wide selection of pattern backgrounds for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can use a solid color background or custom gradient background for your design.

There are other options to set your layers, copy and paste the object, delete the one you don’t want. It’s flexible. Do it according to your own needs.

3) Save and share the design

Once you’ve made a great design with this amazingly simple tool, it’s time to save it. DesignCap provides the option to save your design project under your account online for further editing. To save your project online, you must register an account. You can also download your great visual graphic to your computer as JPG, PNG or PDF. The most convenient one is its share option. With this option, you can share your graphic design directly to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and anywhere online you want with the share link.

Some highlighted features in DesignCap

* Straightforward interface and simple to use.

* Countless templates for posters, social media, infographics, etc.

* It offers 1,000,000+ high-resolution stock photos and 220,000+ delicate illustrations online.

* Fully customizable features.

* Save it to desktop and cloud or share it to social media.


DesignCap is freemium and in three different plans: free, annual subscription and monthly subscription. The free plan can meet almost of our needs for all kinds of creations. But if you want to enjoy its royal features and resources, you need to pay some dollars. Its price is from free to $71.88 billed annually. For more detailed pricing information, check here: https://www.designcap.com/pricing.html.

Final words 

If you are looking forward to an easy to use tool to make amazing visual content but have less technology about design, DesignCap is a good choice.


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