How to Convert PDF on Mac with PDFelement for Mac

Hello Geeks, how are you all doing? Today, we are going to answer to one of the most asked questions in our blog about how to convert PDF files on Mac. Of course, we are all familiar with the PDF eBooks that can be easily opened with Adobe Reader and most office prefers to use this file format to share documents. However, there are numerous occasions where you would want to convert the PDF file into your desired file format.

Now, Windows does provide many options to accomplish this task easily but unfortunately, Mac does not make it easier for you. There are a lot of restrictions on Mac that prevents to covert PDF files.

But say no more because in this article we are going to show you how to convert PDF on Mac with just a few clicks on your mouse using PDFelement for Mac.

What is PDFelement for Mac?

PDFelement for Mac is one of the best and most downloaded programs when it comes to edit, annotate or converting PDF files on Mac platform. Not only that, it can almost convert any kind of file format to any other desirable format as well. For example, you can convert PDF to word files as well as Excel, EPUB, rich text and any other file formats that you require. Moreover, all the images contained in the file will be converted to the new file format as well without losing any quality at all.

Salient Features of PDFElement For Mac –

  • The #1 program to convert PDF files into Word on Mac operating system.
  • Various types of file formats are available to covert into such as Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML and so on.
  • High quality file editing options are available to clean and finish the file professionally.
  • You can easily add, edit or modify the images and the songs included in the existing file.
  • OCR feature is available as well to download and extract any kind of data from image files like JPG, JPEG, PNG etc. This feature alone costs hundreds of dollars if you buy it individually.
  • Dedicated 24X7 support to help you with any queries.

How to Convert PDF on Mac with PDFelement for Mac?

With PDFelement for Mac, you can convert PDF files on Mac with just a few clicks on your mouse. It is very simple and pretty straight-forward. Simply, use the following steps to convert your PDF files easily using PDFelement for Mac

Step 1. Download and Install the Program on your Mac computer.

First step involves downloading PDFelement for Mac directly from there website. Or you can you can simply click on the following link to download the program on your system –

Now, run the program and install it by following the instructions. After the installation is finished, launch the program to see its intuitive user interface like the following image –

Step 2. Import the PDF files to Convert.

As soon the program is opened, you can click on the “Open File…” option and select the PDF file from your computer hard drive. Check the following image to location the option in your computer –

Step 3. Choose the Desirable Output Format.

After opening the PDF file in PDFelement for Mac, you will see the file is loaded and can be readable directly on the program. Now, simply click on “File” located on the top left corner of the software followed by “Export to” then select the file format that you desire to convert the PDF into. In this case, we are choosing “Word…” like the following screenshot –

And voila! Your PDF file is converted to “Word” format just like that. You may now go to the output folder and open the Word file using any default program.

Bonus Step – Converting Scanned PDF files.

Like we mentioned earlier, one of the best features offered by PDFelement for Mac is performing OCR on scanned PDF files. In that case, simply upload the file and click on “Perform OCR” and then you will see the following dialogue box options –

Here, you can select the language involved in the scanned PDF file then choose “All Pages” and click on “Perform OCR” to convert the scanned PDF file into a readable text file.

Method #2: Convert PDF in Bulk with PDFelement for Mac

In this part, we will show how to edit a lot of PDF files in a batch using PDFelement for Mac. Now, we considering that you have already installed the program from the above steps, so we would be continuing with the following steps –

Step 1. Launch the Software on your Mac Computer.

After installing the program, just double click on the shortcut icon on your desktop and open the software in your system. As soon the program is opened, you will see the “Open file…” link like the following image. Just click on it once.

Step 2. Choose the required Output file format.

Now, you will have various ways to convert the PDF files with PDfelement for Mac. In the first method we showed how to convert one PDF file, but in order to convert PDF files in Bulk, just click on “Tools” followed by “PDF Converter”. You will have output format options to choose from, just click on the one you desire from the given list.

Step 3. Upload the Files and Convert Them

You are almost done now. At this point, click on the “+Add” option and keep dragging the PDF files from your hard drive into the software. After you are done selecting the PDF files, click on “Apply” and that’s all. Your PDF files are now converted.

Method #3: Converting PDF to Word from online websites.

Another way to convert PDF files to other formats is by using an online editing tool. While there are several websites that are offering this service but in this tutorial we will be using

Step 1. From your browser, open and wait for the website to load.

Step 2. Click on “Choose File” and locate the PDf file from your hard drive.

Step 3. Now, click on covert and you should be able to download the converted file into your computer.

However, this method is not recommended as there are too many cons of using this website like it is ad-supported and moreover, you won’t be able to upload files more than 2 MBs only. The converted file is often reported as damaged and most probably they will steal all the information from your file as well. So, you better understand the risk before using these kinds of methods.

Conclusion –

So, in this article, hopefully we were able to show you how to convert PDF on Mac with PDFelement for Mac without any issues at all. However, we will still recommend using a professional tool rather than using any other software that may cause harmful effects to your computer. Converting PDF files on Mac was inevitable at one point but thanks to PDFelement for Mac, it couldn’t be more easier now. Remember, if you have any issues then you can let us know by commenting down below or you can directly contact the software developers to get immediate assistance.

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