5 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime

How many times have you found the upsurge after finishing a movie like “Damn, why did it end here? It should have gone a few more hours in length…… Now, what am I to kill my time with……”?

Yeah, yeah we all do the nagging, especially when your bowl is yet to run out of popcorn. After all one movie isn’t enough to help you devour all of it……..

### Just kidding! But that’s true. You have to agree with me.

So I think to find a series or a TV show which airs attention grappling story in successive episodes, for the season after season is a better option than a single and a half hour movie. Isn’t it?

At least I do not need to find a new story or content every day, for I know that there are a series of more episodes waiting up ahead for my leisure popcorn times.

The excitement does not end in the bid of a few hours but carries on and on for several months.

Just come every night, download an episode, settle down and enjoy. The next day you have something in common to resume again. That’s the thrilling spark about Shows or Series.

Now to find such series, movies and TV shows, streaming sites like Amazon prime is not a bad option.

You can search for the best TV shows on Amazon Prime. But you will find various series in the current production of which few will certainly not interest you, whereas few will excite you to the core.

So we have sorted a list of 5 such Amazon prime original series in this article, with a detailed description of what the series is all about. It will indeed help you pick up the best ones before downloading the entire series.

Okay, so no more bogus talk and start reading the plot summaries. Because they are daaaammmnn exciting and I cannot wait to tell you WHY!

#1: Lost In Space (TV Series 2018-)

5 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime (1)

IMDB: 7.2/10
Seasons Aired Till Now: 1


Lost in Space is actually an American Series based on the 1812 novel “The Swiss Family Robinson”.

After the Robinson family’s crash landing on an alien planet, they fight with several dangers and odds trying to survive and escape the corporeal environment.

But the question is why the hell an entire family would choose to set off for an unknown planet.

The storyline thus is all set in the after 30 years future. The colonization of human civilization on earth is becoming difficult. So people like Robinson Family being one of them, is trying their best to colonize far in space for a better world.

But unfortunately, when they end up in the alien environment en route to their new planned home planet, they get a surprising help from a robot stuck in a crashed alien ship in the woods, which is not so desolate.

Another crash brings more travelers to the planet, as the Robinsons try to salvage their ship with the help of their new companion.

The first two episodes are all about the struggles and the planet’s danger exploration by the stuck family.

The third episode showcases the flashback of Dr. Smith aka June who is a master planner with a mysterial end game revealing his past. And at the same plot, the Robinsons family is again now shown to struggle with a new threat as the ship’s fuel starts dropping fast.

With every new episodes of just the 1st season, viewers are gaining an inscrutable level of excitement, which you can easily guess by the IMDB rating.

#2: Vikings (TV Series 2013-)

5 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime (2)

IMDB: 8.6/10

Seasons aired till now: 5


Vikings is not merely a history, but a story woven from history, skaldic poems, and the most certainly the imagination of the writer Michael Hirst.

The series is all about the heroic adventures of the greatest warrior Ragnar Lothbrok.

The story tells you about the gallant defiance of Ragnar, his Viking group of brothers and family members against a corrupt ruler who brutally tries to crush anyone who steps into his tyrant ways of ruling.

With his might and indomitable courage, he fights the tyranny to rise as a king of the Viking tribes.

That’s not all, being devoted to Gods, Ragnar represents the Norse tradition. The legends believe him in this way to be the direct descendent of Odin, the God of War.

Battles, political strikes and ambitious trials to win over rulers have made the series totally jaw-dropping.

But to know the entire plot, you better start watching it from season 1, 1st episode which starts with rebellious war and the humble though powerful storyline introduction of Ragnar as a farmer.

#3: The Flash (TV Series 2014-)

5 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime (3)

IMDB: 7.9/10

Seasons aired till now: 5


The Series is actually the portrayal of the DC Comics Superhero, Flash aka Barry Allen.

The storyline is as exactly as the comic books depict. After the sudden lightning-caused due to the explosion of Star Lab’s particle accelerator in Central City strikes Barry Allen, he goes to coma right away.

When he wakes up after nine months of perpetual coma, he discovers his ability of super speed.

Actually Barry Allen works for CPD (Central City Police Department) as a forensic scientist helping his foster father Joe West, who also happens to be a Central City cop.

Achieving his Superspeed to become the fastest man alive, he tries to unravel the mystery of his childhood trauma. The incident involves red and yellow lightning killing his beloved mother and framing his father responsible for it.

Now with the support of Star Lab’s team members, Harrison Wells (the lead scientist), Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, and Iris West (Joe’s daughter and Barry’s childhood friend and love), he fights the city crimes. But he never forgets to avenge his mother’s killer at the same time.

Henceforth, secretly he wanders for cues and pieces of evidence which might help him to track down the mystery of her mother’s death. In time, Barry is revealed with swash-buckling leads on his investigation which takes him through a whole lot of dangers and new questions to doubt his own people.

With every new season, Barry confronts regular villain visitors, sometimes also from other dimensions with more grappling mysteries and breathtaking solutions.

The series is a spin-off from Arrow since Flash and Arrow both exist in the same fictional universe.

The excitement is still on with the series’ Season 5 episodes airing on The CW.

#4: The Big Bang Theory (TV Series 2007-)

5 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime (4)

IMDB: 8.2/10

Seasons aired till now: 12


The series is created and produced by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady whose collaboration has really escalated the show in the past 11 years.

So as the story goes, Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper are two brilliant physicists working at Cal Tech University in Pasadena, California. Regardless of possessing such a high IQ level, their physics-oriented life is somewhat meaningless devoid of fun and especially WOMEN.

Two other colleagues, Rajesh Koothrappali (Astrophysicist) and Howard Wolowitz (Mechanical Engineer) at Cal Tech turn out to be the only people they can blend in with.

These two friends frequent their apartments most of the time to eat, discuss, and play video games together with annoying welcoming gestures of Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon Cooper, though being a highly praised Strings Theory Physicist is a bit eccentric and wacky guy. He does not get the hunch of sarcasm and often gets intimidated by his surrounding people.

Finding Leonard, Howard, Rajesh in his proximity, Sheldon still struggles his way to get along with the ludicrous society, a no match to his excellence. Until one day, a pretty new girl named Penny moves next door and Leonard finds his love of life and Sheldon, a little cute annoying babe.

Penny initially too finds it difficult to befriend the boys, especially The Cooper guy. But with time, she becomes the central reason for all the four boys’ life to change.

On later seasons, all the boys start to get hooked up with their newly adjusted girlfriends, except the all-time loner Rajesh. And the reason is still predominantly the charming Penny. She introduces them first to Bernadette Rostenkowski for Howard and the little Berneeee for dwarf-sized Howard also becomes a part of their group. Then comes Amy Farrah Fowler, a Neurobiologist, so totally befitting for THE Sheldon Cooper.

The series is full of laughs and gags packed up with unstoppable humor and turns of events. And it continues till the 12th season which is supposed to be the last season of the series this year, 2019.

#5: Game Of Thrones (TV Series 2011-)

5 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime (5)

IMDB: 9.5/10

Seasons aired till now: 7


The story is based on the bestselling book series A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin.

According to the series plot, there is a fictional mystical continent of Westeros which is protected by the savage eastern lands, scheming south, and ancient wall. Herein seven powerful kingdoms are all locked in a battle to win over the Iron Throne.

In the first season, the King Robert’s right-hand assistant Jon Arryn get mysteriously killed. The king thus visits the northern castle Winterfell to request Ned Stark to replace his vacant right-hand position.

Ned’s wife Catelyn suspects that King Robert’s retinue which includes the Lannisters family is somehow accountable for Jon Arryn’s death.

Although in the dead of night Ned receives the news of Jon’s murder, as exactly suspected by his Wife earlier and is warned that king Robert will be next in the brutal succession of murders. This is the turning point where Ned finally decides to join his childhood friend King Robert to help him save his kingdom departing his own frozen sanctuary.

But with time, racing desires, the wrath of plots, murders, intrigue, lead to a secret that can actually tear the seven kingdoms apart if disclosed. And Ned Stark learns what lays ahead in-store when you play the Game of Thrones.


The descriptions given hereby about the 5 best TV series on amazon prime will definitely prove to be helpful in deciding what to set in your download list tonight. The ratings and season details will brief you on how many episodes you need to plan for downloading.

All that you need to arrange now is a bowl of popcorn and snacks to kill your time, that’s it. Don’t wait, go for it…..

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