The top 4 reasons why Chromebook popularity has increased quickly

Hello Geeks, how are you all doing? Today we are going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions in our blog about why to choose Chromebook over any other laptop? To be honest Chromebook is also similar to a laptop but instead of using Windows 10 or Mac OS, it uses Google Chrome’s OS. This particular operating system is quite popular for dealing with documents and applications stored in cloud servers. It is primarily used for education purpose but recently it has gained a huge spike in computers and electronics market.

In this short guide, we will list down the top 4 reasons why Chromebooks are famous and why you should use them over any laptop or computer. If you are in a hurry then we will recommend you guys to look at the most used Chromebooks under $200 from this list. There are over 200 free apps available on Chromebook including Pixir, Gmail, Google Drive, Pocket and lots of other Android apps and games coming very soon with the latest version.

Reason #1: Play Android Games

Obviously, you won’t be able to play Windows and Mac games on Chromebook but you do have a huge varieties of Android games to choose from in the latest version of Chromebook. Whether it’s Angry birds or Clash Royale or any other games available on Google Play Store will be available on Chromebook as well.

Reason #2: Long Battery Life Span

Chromebooks have way better battery life span than any other laptops. After testing a Chromebook with continuous web surfing, we have analyzed that it can smoothly run for over 9 hours without any issue. Even with the latest Acer Chromebook, the battery life span has increased to over 11 hours with continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi. When choosing a Chromebook, please make sure to look after the battery backup life so that it can fulfill your needs.

Reason #3: Durability

Chromebooks are extremely durable and has survived myriad drops and other hazards. Chromebooks can endure fallouts, scrapes, scratches and other similar disasters effortlessly. The latest Acer Chromebook has been dropped from 48 inch height distance to the ground but it survived without even a scratch in the most recent experiment which proves its incredibly durable. In addition, Chromebooks has been placed under severe hot and cool temperature along with humidity, rain and vibration without any issue at all.

Reason #4: High Security Features

Certainly, security and privacy has been #1 priority in Chromebooks allowing you to password-protect your computer so that no hacker or intruders can get into your system without your authentication. Moreover, a security chip has been installed with every Chromebook so that no one can hack your system password.

Conclusion –

As you can see from the above reasons, Chromebook has been really popular these days and more and more people opting in for this device. Certainly, it is highly portable and useful for students and business people considering how quickly you can access your data anytime and anywhere in this world.

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