How to Calculate Date By Using Calculator in Windows 8.

Guys we all use Calculator in windows to perform Normal Calculations . Today we will see An advance feature in windows 8 Calculator which helps you to Calculate date.

Do you want to know how many days You have been alive ?

Whatever your motives are but Windows 8 Comes with Buit in Date Calculator.

Lets Check How to Use it.

Step 1 : First Open Calculator App. Type ” Calculator” In search and click on it

Step 2: Now Click on View and select Date Calculation, Or just Press Ctrl +E, Now you will see something like below pic.

Step 3: Now We will calculate the Number of Days Between Two dates. Now select FROM and TO Dates

Eg: I want to Calculate number of days i have been alove then i will Enter my Birthday in FROM and Today’s Date In To.
Note: Dates are in the format : MM-DD-YYYY.

Step 4: After Entering Your Desired Dates Just Press on Calculate. In the Below Pic i have calculated Number of days i m been Alive.

Step 5: This part of the tutorial will cover adding or subtracting from a certain date. To do so, we will need to select Add or subtract days to a specified date from the list of calculations.

Step 6: Just Select the date From which You want to add or Subtract Days, year or month.
Then You have to Choose Add Or Subtract as shown in the below pic. Now Enter Number Of years, Months and days. Then hit Calculate.

After you hit Calculate you can see the future date After adding Days, years and months you entered.

So next time when Your parents or Relatives Ask you Your age just Follow this article and Answer with exact Number or Years, Months and days.

keep Visiting. 🙂


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