A few Tips to Recover Delete Files from Android

It’s a furious and awful feeling when you realize that you have accidentally deleted something that meant a lot to you. But in today’s high tech and cloud-connected world, nothing is impossible, even bringing back the erased files from the grave if you have access Android data recovery tools.

However, data recovery is not always 100% guaranteed and completely depends on how you erased the data and what kind of data recovery program your are using to retrieve the files back. We have organized this tutorial to put some light on the data recovery issue so that you have a better knowledge of what you are actually going through.

Is it possible to recover Deleted files on Android phones?

The simple answer will be a big YES! If you erase any files from your Android then it is actually not permanently deleted but rather the links and pointers are erased from the location so that they don’t appear to you anymore. But in reality, those erased files are stored in your device’s cache and reserved memory and they are in very good recoverable position using any data recovery tool.

Causes of Data Deletion

Data deletion may occur due to numerous reasons and here are the top reasons why data loss may occur:

  • Accidental data deletion.
  • Factory reset.
  • System crash.
  • Hardware failure.
  • Failed ROM installation.
  • Failed system update.
  • Virus attack.
  • Malware/adware attack.
  • Other system malfunctioning.

Things to do after data are erased from Android.

After you realized that some data went missing from your Android, you must do the following things immediately –

  1. Stop downloading any data from web browsers.
  2. Do not connect your phone to PC and copy any files on your Android.
  3. Stop using Google Play Store.
  4. Do not install or update any apps.
  5. Don’t sign in to any social networking apps.
  6. Stop sending messages and phone calls.

In short, do not over-write the existing data on your Android or else those deleted files will be gone forever.

How to Restore data from previous Backup files?

If you have created a complete backup of your Android before losing any files then you can easily restore them using any data backup and restore apps such as Titanium Backup and Nandroid backup. However, rooting your device is necessary before you can restore any files on your device.

Why rooting is important?

Simply because it enables you to use Android functions and sub-systems to its full extend.You can easily restore files from backups using any apps and in addition, you can install all the incompatible apps on your device. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to remove ads from your Android forever. You can finally install custom ROMs and flash your device with latest software updates.

But what’s most important is without rooting your device; no data recovery app or software can scan your phone deeply and restore the erased files. So make sure to root Android first before proceeding with the solutions.

How to Recover Deleted files with Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Undeleter Recover Files & Data is a free Android app that can help to recover erased data by scanning both internal and external memory of your device. It has a very creative user interface and its very liter in size.

How does Undeleter Recover Files & Data works?

Step 1. Go to Google Play Store and search “Undeleter Recover Files & Data”. Then install the app and open it.

Step 2. Select the partition from which data is deleted and go to the next page.


Step 3. Choose the file types that you wish to recover. It offers up to 12+ data types to choose from and the more precise information you offer the better will be the scanning result.


Step 4. Let the app scan your device thoroughly and after the monitoring is finished, it will show all the erased files that you can recover. Simply select all the data that you want to restore and save them on your phone or upload them on your cloud server accounts.


Cons –

  • Ad supported app.
  • Can’t recover contacts or social network chats.

How to recover deleted files from Android with DiskLab for Android?

DiskLab for Android is yet another Android data recovery tool but way much powerful that any program. It is a desktop software that uses extremely strong algorithms to totally scan your Android and restore the erased files from the root. It can recover up to 23+ data types including contacts, messages, pictures, videos, music, WhatsApp chats, notes, etc. It is perfectly compatible with Mac & Windows computers and it is actually very easy to use.

Step 1. Install the recent version of Android Data Recovery tool and connect your phone to PC with a USB data cable.
Step 2. Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android and click on “Start Scan” to monitor your smartphone deeply.

Step 3. The scanning process may take a while but once it finished, it will let you preview all the erased files in a very well organized manner. You can browse through each folder to retrieve the erased files and finally recover those erased files to your PC.


Done! You may now copy the deleted files back to your smartphone and enjoy!


In this well-explained guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about recovering erased files from Android. It can be a hectic job but it is certainly possible to get back your deleted data. Next time, opt in for a habit of creating backups of your device regularly or at least once a week to avoid any data loss. Hopefully you guys found this guide valuable and don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comments below.

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