How to Add Double Space in Google Docs?

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Today’s topic is one of those recurring lines we often found in Google search.

“How to Add double space in Google Docs?”

“Is that possible?”       


When you open Google Docs, by default you get about 1.15 lines spacing for texts.

This much spacing gives the texts appropriate scope to become readable and compact. But if you wish to make the lines more prominent by increasing the spacing, that too is possible.

This article will give you elaborate step by step idea on how to add double space in Google docs. We would provide method description for both Desktop and Android interface.

So here we go……….

Solution #1: Use Desktop to Add Double Space in Google Docs

Google Docs and other Google apps are impartially used both using Desktop and Android. But when it comes to using it via Desktop or laptop, people find it more reliable and direct.

Moreover, once you are done, you can directly go for the “print” command to print the document.

So this is how we begin:

Step 1.First of all; open the particular Google Document where you want to add double space.

Step 2. Now select the portion of the text wherein you want to add the double space by pressing and dragging the mouse cursor.

Step 3. Once the texts or lines are selected, go to the “Line spacing” button adjacent to “Justify” button.

Step 4. Now select the “Double” option from the drop down menu to apply the double spacing between the lines you have chosen by cursor.

How to Add Double Space in Google Docs


You can also go to the line spacing option from the “Format” option in the menu bar.

Go to “Format”> “Line Spacing” in the context menu > “Double” from the sideway menu.

Solution #2: Use Android Phones to Add Double Space in Google Docs      

Even if you get plenty of suitable options with desktop, like mouse for selecting texts quickly, printer for printing documents, etc. you also cannot deny the fact that you use Android phones more than your Desktop on a daily basis.

Here in this section we would describe how to add double space in Google docs using Android Phones:

Step 1. First, access the Google documents app on Android from app drawer and then go to the target document.

Step 2. Tap the blue “Edit” icon at the bottom left corner of the phone screen.

Step 3. Hold and drag the mouse cursor to choose the particular texts you want to double space.

Step 4. Next tap on the formatting icon at the top. You will see “A” with horizontal bars on the sides of this icon.

Step 5. Now go to the “Paragraph” section and tap the “Upward arrow” adjacent to “Line spacing” option.

Step 6. Increase the spacing value to 2.00 and then tap the “Tick” icon at the upper left corner of the screen. The double space is applied within the selected texts.

How to Add Double Space in Google Docs 1


The same method that we have adopted here for Android can be used on iOS platform as well.

How to Add Double Space in Google Docs 2

Solution #3: How to Make Double Space Default for New Documents

Let’s say you find it irritating to choose text every time you open a specific document for adding double space between the lines. Then you have to make the double spacing option the default option for all the newer documents.

It’s very easy. We would explain it here using Desktop interface.

Step 1. Open the Google document first.

Step 2. Next, click on the “Normal text” button in the toolbar.

Step 3. Click the right side arrow next to the “Normal Text” option.

How to Add Double Space in Google Docs 3

Step 4. Finally click on “Update “Normal Text” to match”.

Now all your new Google docs will by default present to you double space between text lines.

How to Add Double Space in Google Docs 4


In conclusion, this much information will definitely help you choose double space in Google docs using desktop and mobile apps, but if you wish to choose space like 1.5 or 1, or whatever you find best to make your lines readable.

On desktop, you even have an option to customize the space by your own choice, although you won’t find that option in Mobile apps.

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