How to Select Multiple Files on Mac?

Whether you are using a Windows PC or Mac desktop, you will of course get a call for selection of multiple files at one point of time. Why?

Well sometimes you need to move a group of files, copy them to other folders, or external hard disks, delete them, duplicate them etc.

The requirement varies as per the condition you are in at the moment. Now we are all familiar with selecting multiple files on Windows, but users who are new to using Mac based systems, may find a hunch of difference.

In reality there is no such broad difference in the trick of selecting multiple files. But yet in order to make it more clarified for the novices, the article here is all set to guide you all.

Continue reading down the contents and you will know how to select multiple files depending upon file’s position in a folder.

#1: How to Select a Single File

Before we begin with multiple files it is better to try selecting a single file first. You will at least get an idea on how to start.

The procedure is not so difficult. Simply go to the folder, app or disk where the particular file resides. You can also look for the file in the “Finder” for a quicker search option.

Once you find it, click on it, and it will be selected.

Simple… isn’t it? I told you…….. In fact it is very much similar to selecting files in Windows.

Let’s move on to the next section of selecting all files at once.

#2: How to Select All Files

There may come a time when you have to move the files in bulk from one location to another. In a manner of speaking, you have to select all the files at once.

Now here the trick is slightly different than that used in Windows. Rather you have to use the “command button ()” which you won’t find in Windows keypad.

So basically you have to go to the particular section of Mac directory where the file is situated.

Next hit the “command ()” button + “A” button together and all the files will be selected.

NOTE: In Windows we use, “Ctrl + A”. Here “Ctrl” key is replaced substituted with “command ()” key.

TIP: You can also choose all file from “Finder”s” “Edit” menu option “Select all”. But first go to the folder where you want to choose them all.

#3: How to Select Multiple Non-Adjacent/ Non-Contagious Files

Let’s say you wish to select random multiple file within a folder which are not adjacent to each other. For instance one file in the first row, two files in the second row, and four files in the fifth row.

How are supposed to select them together.

The trick again here lies in using “command ()” key.

Enter the chosen folder; hold the “command ()” key on the keypad and then click on the files separately to select them.

Once you are done with it, let go of the () key.

#4: How to Select Multiple Contagious /Adjacent Files

This one is a bit simpler than the last one where you had to pick up non-contagious files randomly.

Here you get to learn how to select contagious files which means one file after another in a link.

The trick is very simple. Hold the “Shift” () key and click on the first file in link of files you are about to select.

Keep holding the “Shift” key and click the last file in the contagious link.

All the files between these two files will be selected including the two files.

NOTE: Alternatively you can also click the first file and then drag the cursor to the last file you want to select in the continuous link. This way also, all the files from the first one to the last one will be selected all at once.


Selecting multiple files on Mac as you can infer now is no different than that on Windows. The only different comes around is with the “command” () key.

So don’t hasten, sit tight, read the article thoroughly from top to bottom, and we can assure you now you will find it easier to deal with Mac than before.

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