Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode [Fix]

Airplane Mode was initially incorporated by Microsoft in Windows 10 OS to disconnect or disable all the wireless connections of your host device.

The feature can be enabled by a keyboard shortcut; via taskbar icon; and also using certain switch found in selected devices.

It can disable Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS and even cellular mobile data connections.

Though it comes handy if you wish to restrict your wireless connectivity to certain chosen users only, Windows 10 comes with several unprecedented errors. You shouldn’t forget that…


Once you are stuck with this mode you are no longer in a situation to turn on your device connectivity. Consequently, the usability of your device becomes limited and that’s a serious issue indeed.

Don’t take it for granted… I repeat DON’T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED#@#4@!

Now relax, in this article, we will demonstrate you a few quick fixes with Windows settings, and other unknown tricks and trades. Hopefully, they will sort out the issue. But still, the rest of it depends upon the extent of complication set within the system.

Enough with here says! Here comes the solution part. Start reading….

Solution #1: Use Fn + PrtScr keys Combination

Although you can turn off the feature from Windows settings, trying out random short key combinations sometimes to disable also works surprisingly on many occasions.

Here is how you do it:

Step 1. Just press the Fn + the radio tower key (PrtScr Key).

Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode [Fix] (1)

(NOTE: The radio tower key is mostly the PrtScr key at the top right corner of the keyboard. But it may vary for different brands of computer.)

Step 2. Keep pressing the keys together for few minutes until it shows Airplane mode turned off the notification.

That’s it!

The disabling message has not come yet?

Don’t despair. There are yet some more solutions in-store.

Continue reading……….

Solution #2: Update Network Adapter Drivers

Now in the to-do list, there are two approaches to this technique. Either you can visit the official device manufacturer website to download the latest Adapter drivers or you can manually allow your system to choose the drivers and update it via Device manager.

To automatically update the driver via Device Manager, follow the step guide mentioned below:

Step 1. Go to the “Device Manager” operating Windows first. You can also type “devmgmt.msc” in the “Run” search box to enter the Device Manager page.

Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode [Fix] (2)



Step 2. Once you are onto the page, look for Network adapter section.

Step 2. Click on it to expand its option.

Step 3. Next, right-click, and choose “Update driver software” from the drop-down menu.

Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode [Fix] (3)

Step 4. If you have the latest driver file already downloaded to your computer, choose “Browse my computer for driver software”. Otherwise, select “Search automatically for updated driver software”. This way the computer will automatically search for the appropriate driver software for the network online.

Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode [Fix] (4)

If this method is still not favoring there is still another one in the next section.

Solution #3: Perform A Clean Boot

It has been reported that many a time, the problem arises due to any third party application or service. Thus disabling the third-party applications and services for some time might resolve this issue.

You can do it following the steps listed below:

Step 1. Get the “Run” search panel with “Windows + R” keys combination. Enter “msconfig” and hit “Enter”.

Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode [Fix] (5)

Step 2. System configuration operating Window will now open up. Head to the “Services” tab and check the checkbox next to “Hide all Microsoft services” and finally click the “Disable all” button from the bottom right corner of the screen. This will disable all the selected services.

Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode [Fix] (6)

Step 3. Now go to “Startup” and click “open task manager”. Here you will find many startup applications. Right-click on each of them in the list and choose “Disable” from the context menu.

Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode [Fix] (7)

Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode [Fix] (8)

Step 4. Eventually, come back to the System Configuration Window and click “Apply” and then “Ok” to save your changes.

Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode [Fix] (9)

Reboot your PC and check if the problem is persisting or not.

Later on, when you find the problem to have completely disappeared, you can enable the services in the same way by selecting “Enable” options from their respective locations.


The problem is most likely to go away with these three tired methods. But if the issue persists, you can try out some additional ways, uninstalling the wireless adapter and then re-installing it again; disabling radio switch device from the Device manager page again, or switching to Ethernet connection.

These too may help you disabling Airplane mode on your PC.

But, if everything fails at one point in time, then you must take an expert or technician advice.

To know more about Windows errors and their solutions, check out our website every day for daily updates.

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