How to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007e?

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In today’s article, we will take up the discussion regarding Windows famous blue screen of death error 0x0000007e.

So if you are working on your computer or laptop and your screen suddenly turns to blue with this error code 0x0000007e, that does not mean your operating system has been damaged altogether.

It simply indicates that certain system files have been damaged which subsequently obstructing you from executing any specific tasks.

Revivifying the system files will get the system back to normalcy. So need to lament over the sudden error display.

What are the Causes of Error Code 0x0000007e?

There are plenty of causes that can be attributed to this cause. Few of which are:

  • Limited space on the hard drive.
  • Virus, spyware, or malware invasion into the system.
  • Outdated or incorrect BIOS settings.
  • Outdated drivers.
  • Incompatible system drivers.

So now let’s begin with the real things….. That is solutions to fix this error issue.

Solution #1: Make Sure there is Sufficient Space on Hard Disk

As we have mentioned earlier also, the insufficient space on the hard disk could be one of the major cause for this error to occur.

First, check how many operating systems are there on your PC or laptop. What I mean is that sometimes, after upgrading the system with a new OS, the previous version or the leftover piece of previous OS files are still left remain intact. And it can deem your drivers to conflicts and the error arises. So delete those perky OS files or the setup files completely.

Your second job is to get rid of all the unnecessary and extra files off your computer that take up valuable space. Remember this trick will work if the error 0x0000007e has started appearing just after you started your computer.

So to do this follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1. Firstly restart your computer and press F8 as soon as the system starts to load the “Recovery Screen”.

Step 2. Now click on “Advanced Repair Options” and then choose “Troubleshoot” option.

How to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007e? (1)

Step 3. Next, go to “Advanced options”.

How to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007e? (2)

Step 4. Click Windows “Startup Settings”.

How to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007e? (3)

Step 5.Finally the “Restart” button.

Now your computer will restart in the Safe mode. And this will allow you to freely remove all the temporary files, internet cache files, backup files on the resultant “Recovery Console”.

Now once again, restart your computer after the deletion procedure, and most likely the problem is not supposed to resurface.

Solution #2: Upgrade your BIOS

In this approach, you first need to gather some information regarding your BIOS so that you can contact your manufacturer to check if it is old or not, and then you can accordingly deal update it.

To check the BIOS info, do the following:

Step 1. Press “Window + R” key combination to get the search box.

Step 2.Enter “msinfo32 or 64” depending upon your OS version.

NOTE: You can check the OS 32 or 64-bit version from the System Properties.

Step 3. Click “System Summary” and note down the date and version of the BIOS from the right side information panel.

How to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007e? (4)

Step 4. Now connect your system to the internet and contact your PC’s or laptop’s motherboard manufacturer website to check whether or not your motherboards BIOS is latest.

In case it is outdated, download the latest BIOS software and install it. Pay full attention to the BIOS software installation instructions to avoid damaging issues beyond any repair possibilities. If you find it difficult, better hire an expert to do the job for you. But make sure not to mess it all up.

The problem will surely disappear forever.

Solution #3: Change Video Adapters

According to many users, changing the Video adapter can resolve this issue. So you can give it a try to see if the problem sorts out or not.

Check out the following step-guideline:

Step 1. Use “Windows + R” key combination to bring out the “Run” search box.

Step 2. Type “devmgmt.msc” and press “Ok” to open the Device Manager Windows.

How to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007e? (5)

Step 3. Click on “Display Adapters”…

Step 4. Right-click on the video adapter driver shown there, and choose “Update Driver Software”.

How to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007e? (6)

Step 5. Next click on “Browse my computer for driver software” option to search for the driver in your system or you can check for it online.

How to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007e? (7)

Step 6. Next, click the “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” option to continue.

How to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007e? (8)


Step 7. Choose the one that is different from the driver shown a while ago in device manager page. Click “Next” to proceed.

How to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007e? (9)

The new adapter will take some time to install. Once it is installed, restart your computer to apply the changes.

Now check if the problem is there or not.


As you can see all the methods are well-tried by many experienced users, so surely anyone of them will work out for you.

If you are adopting the BIOS update solution, be cautious with its installation. It’s a bit risky and difficult. Call a technician if you can afford to prevent any technical mayhem.

You can also try disabling the drivers if your BIOS is latest. That too has proven to fix the issue on many occasions as per forums latest reports.

For more information regarding Windows update or application errors, check out the article on our website for Windows solutions.

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