How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp History on Android?

WhatsApp chat has become a crucial part of our life in the recent past and has really made communication between far off users easier and direct through chatting and calling.

Apart from calling chat history or messages is the only proof of all your conversation with a person on WhatsApp, thus you would surely wish to keep it private. In an attempt to do so, you sometimes delete a few strings of messages or a whole conversation, the one you find most unimportant at the moment.

But there comes a time later when you might come under a need to get those very chat history back, maybe as evidence or for some other purposes.

But the question is how come you retrieve something which you have already deleted from the system. Is that really possible?

The answer to this very question is YES, and the article below will give you the justification.

There are ways if you know how to curb them, which can retrieve the deleted WhatsApp chat history. It would both involve the usage of third party tools and without any tool support.


Method #1: Retrieve WhatsApp Chat History from Google Drive

Most of your chat history can be saved to your Google drive. In fact, if your device is synced with your Google account, the messages will directly be stored in the cloud server as backup files.

All you need to do is to restore them back to your device.

To begin with, you have to first uninstall WhatsApp on your Android phone and then freshly re-install it.

Launch WhatsApp from the app drawer or home screen wherever you keep the accessible tool icon. As the tool interface appears tap “Agree and continue” for the profile setup.

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Next, you have to tap on the “Continue” button again to let WhatsApp access all your contacts lists to show you the relevant known people on your chat list.

Tap “Now now” to skip the tool rating part.

On the next scale, verify your phone number with pin code and country name. Immediately you will be sent a 6 digit verification code to your phone. Enter it and hit the “Continue” option again to enable WhatsApp access to your Google drive.

Hit the “Give Permission” option to check for the Google Drive backup option, and choose your particular Google Account which contains the backup.

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Eventually, tap the “Restore” button, and all previously deleted or lost chat history will be restored to your Android device once again.

But what if your internet connection impedes you from accessing your Google account, then you might face trouble restoring them instantly.

#2: Restore WhatsApp Messages utilizing MobileDic Utility

So as you have seen in the previous section, to access cloud servers like Dropbox, Google Drive all the time to restore chat history back to your Smartphone is not a reliable option all the time.

You need something more concrete and smart to help you. What about a tool, let’s say Mobiledic data recovery tool?

It’s really not a bad option after all. Mobile supports all iOS and Android OS versions so you will have no issue with mobile brands.

It can not only restore deleted chat histories but lost photos, music, and video files, documents, contact lists, call logs, etc. to your phone.

It provides you three recovery modes to restore your phone with everything you have lost with 100% guaranteed outcome. Moreover, in the process, no device data will be damaged, which is the necessary requirement.

So now if you feel confident enough to try the tool, download the tool from its official website to your lately working computer or laptop.

Install it with all terms and conditions.

Run the tool from the desktop home screen, and connect your target phone to this computer using USB cable.

The software will take some time to identify your device. When it actually does, click on the “Scan” button to start scanning for all the deleted files.

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Within few minutes all your deleted files will be shown in sorted separate folders.

Just go to the left-hand panel, and click on the “WhatsApp Messages” folder. Here you will find all your previous chat history.

Now simply click on the “Restore” button the left screen corner at the bottom and you will get the messages saved to the computer.

You can transfer them to your device later on but at least the messages will remain as a backup on your computer.


Whenever you chat on WhatsApp make sure that your device is enabled to sync all the chat history to your Google Drive, so that every time you lose some chat strings, you can retrieve it from your Google Account instantly.

Try to keep an additional backup of messages on your computer as well using Mobiledic utility for immediate access.

And whenever you are about to delete any particular message think twice before you do it to lessen your own trouble.

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